The Century Hunt

It began as the “War to End All Wars”.

It ended with five of the six ruling families dead, and the final one fleeing the continent.

In the wake of the bloodiest conflict the world had ever known, six desperate nations called for a truce at the site of the worst massacre in their shared history. It was there they established rules for commerce, diplomacy, scientific and magical collaboration, and leadership.

The stewards and chancellors that remained agreed that civilization would falter without some universal governing rules put into place. They could not risk the breakdowns in international relationships that plagued previous autocrats. To promote good will and comfort amongst the upper class, the Century Hunt was born. Every one hundred years, the heirs to the six thrones would gather together to seek the holy stones, with the time limit of a single calendar year. Should they survive and return the stones, their families would keep their positions, at least until the next Hunt. Should they fail, the families might lose more than their position.

It is the waning days of the year 698, and the seventh Century Hunt is due to commence on the 1st of Zuerd, 699. The heirs have gathered, and the continent is eager to see if this Hunt will surpass the vaunted “Sixth Hunt” that transpired one hundred years ago. Armed with a lifetime of training, their wits, and the best supplies their families could acquire, the heirs must venture into unexplored places, as well as search for clues as to the locations of the holy stones.

The Century Hunt