Riding the equator, Ecjodu is oppressively hot and one of the few countries housing a significant population of dangerous wildlife. The danger of the land is offset by its generous and social population, and Ecjodans are usually the most popular foreigners in the other five countries.


During the Final War, Ecjodu bade their time with their ally Ruuk until the other four nations had weakened each other enough to strike. While Ruuk assaulted Kopis, eventually forcing them into an unfavorable treaty, Ecjodu struck at the Chyden Republic, which had long ignored requests to cease encroachments into jungle territory. Ecjodans, who requested very little from the Republic in exchange for peace, led the efforts to end the war and establish The Nexus.


Harsh, hot, and surprisingly hilly. The canopies of trees trap heat in the jungle, so a visit to Ecjodu is not for the faint of heart. Thanks to favorable winds, the mountains bordering Ruuk are quite warm on the southern edge, though of course snow still collects on top.


Generous, friendly, and gifted with silver tongues, Ecjodans have embraced their popularity abroad. This attitude is sometimes mistaken for being easy to manipulate, which often leads other nations to underestimate the Ecjodan capacity for shrewdness. The Chyden Republic does not make this mistake, anymore at least.


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