Kopis contains a robust middle class of merchants, traders, and middlemen. As to be expected, gold determines the law of the land. Still, even the guilds defer to the authority of the Steward, at least publicly.


Allied with (some say “bought out”) Dalpheria in the Final War. Made significant gains into Battos, until Urran warriors joined the front and Ruuk attacked from behind. Dalpherian rebels also loosened the Houses’ grip on their main ally, and the ruling guilds were forced to sue for peace and appoint a Steward. They harbor resentment towards being beaten, but prefer to lay low until the opportunity presents itself to win the continent.


Kopis is a diverse land, ranging from green fields in the south to tundra in the north, and possesses a few tropical islands off the coast. A number of beasts, domesticated and otherwise, roam the countryside, though humanoids are unquestionably the apex predator.

The Scythe is a chain of islands formed by volcanic activity. The largest of these houses The Burning Cave, home of the Holy Stone of Fire.


Kopii are generally pragmatic, more focused on day-to-day affairs than on greater ideals. The lower and middle class have learned to ask few questions from those who hand out coin, although a significant number of poor are pushing the Steward to bring increased economic equality to the masses. So far the ruling family has kept civil peace, but there is turmoil ahead for an unprepared leader.


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